...your bingo wings will love it!

acs dance fitness

ACS Dance Fitness featuring Just Jhoom!

Inspired by the glitz, glamour, tongue in cheek humour and energy of Bollywood movies, ACS Dance Fitness classes featuring, Just Jhoom!, provide high energy workouts that are fun and challenging. They'll even give your eyes a good workout with all those over-the-top eyebrow scrunches and fluttering lashes and, it goes without saying, that all that Just Jhoom! arm flailing, is just great for your arms.

Using dance moves made famous by India's massive movie studios, you can indulge yourself in a unique core-building experience and learn some classic descriptive hand gestures such as the 'bee', the 'lotus' and the infamous 'shopping trolley' .....

And, by wearing some of the clothing provided by us, you can really get into the mood and emulate the dancing talents of Sridevi Kapoor, while getting fit and burning all those calories! In fact, you'll have so much time that'll you won't even realise that you're working out! If you're bored of those mind-numbing gym workoouts, give us try!